Filme weiter_denken: Lesung und Podiumsdiskussion

Filme weiter_denken: Lesung und Podiumsdiskussion If you are in Berlin you have the chance to listen to Erica Carter in discussion with Christoph Hochhäusler, Daniel Illger and Ayşe Polat. The panel will be chaired by Christine Lötscher. Attendance is free; details here.  

Beyond the Berlin Wall: Never Sleep Again (Nie wieder schlafen – Nie mehr zurück)

Pia Frankenberg’s Never Sleep Again (1992) follows three women friends on their magical odyssey through post-unification Berlin. The dilapidated sites of the former Cold War frontier city, still scarred by World War II, become a place for sheer endless personal experimentation where the women begin to reconfigure their lives and loves. Frankenberg’s impressionistic portrait of three women in the city reflects on the state of the newly unified Germany, where for a … Read more

Beyond the Berlin Wall: The Promise (Das Versprechen)

Our screening of Margarethe von Trotta’s The Promise (1994) links with our recent Margarethe von Trotta season, which spotlighted Germany’s leading feminist film director. The Promise chronicles the lives of five East Berlin youngsters from their dramatic escape to West Berlin after the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 to its fall in 1989, when they become once again reunified with their families and lovers. This screening will be introduced by Erica Carter, … Read more

Celebrating Women in Global Cinema: Beyond the Berlin Wall

This November marks 30 years since the opening of the Berlin Wall, which saw German unification and the subsequent creation of a new European and global order. Focusing on life in the divided and re-unified city of Berlin, this specially curated mini season celebrates the falling of the Wall through women’s films made in the immediate aftermath of the seismic events of 1989.   Our screening of Margarethe von Trotta’s The … Read more

2019 SACF Dada Saheb Phalke Memorial Lecture: Charting the Early History of The Bombay Talkies: 1934-1940

Established in 1934 by Himansu Rai and Devika Rani, The Bombay Talkies quickly became one of India’s most successful film studios during the early period of sound cinema in India. Creating a cosmopolitan workplace, the studio engaged employees from across India’s communities, configuring one of India’s first female film stars in Devika Rani and launching the careers of composer Saraswati Devi, sound engineer Savak Vacha, and actor Ashok Kumar, among … Read more

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City + Live Score

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall, the Square Chapel Arts Centre in Halifax is screening the 1927 classic of silent film, Berlin: Symphony of a Great City. The film shows us a day in the life of Berlin in the early 20th century, from early morning to late at night. The screening features a live score from The Harmonie Band – a three-piece ensemble featuring … Read more

Moving Image Research and the Transnational Archive

The GSSN is bringing together postgraduate researchers from around the UK and Germany for an exciting workshop that combines practical sessions and seminar discussions for the workshop Moving Image Research and the Transnational Archive. Over the course of three days, participants will explore questions of archival preservation, digitisation and remediation in a transnational context, as well as undertaking research trips to the BFI Reuben Library and the BFI Stephen Street. … Read more

Wunder Der Schöpfung (The Wonder Of Creation) (1925) Silent film with live musical score by Herschel 36

Screening at The Byre Theatre, St Andrews – Wunder Der Schöpfung (The Wonder Of Creation) (1925) Wunder Der Schöpfung is a unique document of human knowledge about the world and the universe in the 1920s. Fifteen special effects experts and nine cameramen were involved in the production, with beautifully tinted and toned images that combine documentary scenes, historical documents, fictional elements, animation and educational impact. Introduced by Professor Michael Cowan, the … Read more

Looking and Being Looked at: A workshop on Jürgen Böttcher’s Early Films

Join us for an afternoon workshop on DEFA documentary filmmaker Jürgen Böttcher (b. 1931) at King’s College London. We will screen and discuss examples of Böttcher’s early works from the 1960s: three very different films produced just a few years after the building of the Wall. Barefoot and Without a Hat (Barfuß und ohne Hut, 1964) is an upbeat portrait of young people on the beach making music and thinking … Read more

Screen Media and Theory Workshop: Uncertainty, Turbulence and Moving Image Archives

Screen Media and Theory Workshop: Uncertainty, Turbulence and Moving Image Archives This workshop will explore how experimental film and other screen media practices have engaged with concepts of uncertainty and turbulence through their use of found and mixed footage and other archival material from the mid twentieth century to the present day. For more information and to register (free) by the deadline of 1 June 2019, please click here. This event … Read more