Film Screening + Q&A

Wednesday 16 November 2022, 5.15 pm (Free tickets)

Join Dora Osborne (Department of German) for a screening of FINSTERWORLD (2013) (Cert: 12) followed by a Q&A with director Frauke Finsterwalder, and author Christian Kracht, who co-wrote the screenplay with Finsterwalder. The event is run in association with the German Screen Studies Network.

The tragicomic fairytale film FINSTERWORLD (2013) dives into questions of German identity. It explores and, in the most intricate ways, interweaves the lives of its twelve protagonists, starred by an outstanding cast of some of the veterans of contemporary German-speaking cinema, including Sandra Hüller, Ronald Zehrfeld, Corinna Harfouch and Margit Carstensen. What they all have in common is their inability to get to terms with who they are and what they want.

“Finsterwalder is so ambitious she tackles big topics such as German identity head-on, putting some very intelligent revelations in the mouth of some of her youngest protagonists.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

The film was premiered at the Munich Film Festival 2013 and received several awards at international film festivals for direction, screenplay and acting.

Director: Frauke Finsterwalder
Screenwriters: Frauke Finsterwalder, Christian Kracht
Production companies: Walker + Worm, Lhasa Films, BR, Arte
Cast: Ronald Zehrfeld, Sandra Hueller, Michael Maertens, Margit Carstensen, Corinna Harfouch, Bernhard Schutz, Johannes Krisch, Christoph Bach, Carla Juri, Leonard Scheicher, Max Pellny, Jakub Gierszal
Producers: Tobias Walker, Philipp Worm
Director of photography: Markus Forderder
Production designer: Katharina Woppermann
Music: Michaela Melián
Costume designer: Lotte Sawatski
Editor: Andreas Menn

FREE but please book a ticket here

Running time of the event: 2h

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