As part of its season to accompany the exhibition Germany: Memories of a Nation, the British Museum, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut London and the German Screen Studies Network, presents four key films exploring Germany’s social, cultural and cinematic history.

F W Murnau’s last German film, and a late masterpiece of Expressionism, Faust is a showcase for the striking visual effects of Weimar cinema in its heyday. In his potent cinematic version of this German folk legend, Murnau draws not least on Goethe’s epic poem. The rise and fall of a man drawn into a pact with the devil in his overreaching pursuit of knowledge and power suggests an allegory of modern humanity, and perhaps of modern Germany in particular. Introduced by Professor Andrew Webber, University of Cambridge. In association with Goethe-Institut London and the German Screen Studies Network. Director: F W Murnau Germany, 1926, 85 mins, Cert. PG